Baby guard in hotels

In addition to basic services, a family-friendly hotel should now offer a number of extra services. For example, parents will appreciate it if the hotel ensures they have a relaxed time, while their beloved baby is sleeping peacefully in their room. This is what Babyphone offers. A number of hotels in Austria have such a system in place, for example, the closest ones to the border are the three hotels in Lutzmannsburg. In Hungary, the Kolping Hotel offers this service.
But let’s see how it works in practice.
When the child starts crying, the device detects it and calls the pre-programmed phone number. Using the phone, the parents can monitor the child’s room anytime to ensure that everything is in order. Babyphone can also provide an emergency alarm to a second pre-programmed number. The device has a high range and also be equipped with an emergency button suitable for use by an older child or elderly person staying in the room.

Szállodai bébiőr készülékek

The alarm process and other general settings are programmed into the device at the hotel reception. This must be done during commissioning. The built-in high-quality battery can keep the device running up to 48 hours in case of a mains power outage. The desktop version is recommended if the same device is used in different rooms, while the wall-mounted solution is more practical when continuously used in the same room.
Pentolt Ltd. is a representative partner in Hungary of Babyphone’s German manufacturer. Our company provides comprehensive commercial and technical support for the products which not only includes sales, documentation and commissioning jobs, but also any follow-up technical and user-related advice, on-site service, warranty and other repair services.

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