Gas Detection Systems

Detection of explosive gases

Gas detection systems are used to control explosion hazards or detect the presence of toxic gases. In the case of gas-heated buildings, explosive gases may appear in the vicinity of boiler houses and meters. The alarm level of the sensors is set in a way that it gives an alarm signal even at 30% of the explosive concentration of the gas (LEL 30% or 30% of the Lower Explosive Limit).
Our company uses DURAN products to detect explosive gases.

Detection of toxic gases Toxic gases should be monitored in a wide range of industrial applications, but it is most often necessary in garages. Sensors monitoring the carbon monoxide levels generated by vehicles automatically initiate the built-in ventilation system. If CO levels do not fall below the permissible level regardless of the ventilation, vehicle traffic is temporarily blocked by barriers and warning signs.

We use the CO detection products from ZETA ALARM SYSTEMS for monitoring carbon monoxide levels in garages