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Nowadays, most commercial units feature some sort of article protection solution, such as an electronic, video or even mechanical instruments. EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) is one of the safest solutions. The essence of the technology is that the goods to be protected are provided with a special signal emitting source (electronic or magnetic), and these signals are sensed by the receivers placed at the exit, the so-called “gates”.
If the buyer intends to leave without payment, which means that the signal emitting device has not been deactivated by the cashier, the “gates” will indicate it with an alarm.
Pentolt Ltd. is the exclusive representative of the Dutch company NEDAP amongst other manufacturers of various technologies. The company installs and distributes the radio frequency-based products (RFID) of NEDAP. Signal transmitters to be placed on goods can fall into two groups: paper labels stuck on the product (RF label), and plastic tags. Paper labels, which are basically embedded spiral aerials in the paper, can be disabled at the cashier using a deactivation device. This process is nothing more than eliminating the signal transmitting feature of the label. Disabling plastic tags is a mechanical process, and the cashier uses a powerful magnet to simply remove the tag from the product (typically clothing items and shoes). Paper labels and plastic tags accommodate the size and colour of the goods.
Special devices, called ….. are used for the protection of expensive drinks. A separate deactivator with a special feature is provided for these products allowing the cashier to remove the protection with a single-handed move. Decorative cosmetics are protected with ….
NEDAP products include receivers in a wide range of power and shapes to fit for the devices of the relevant shop. They can even be used as advertising media, but transparent aerials are also available in our product range.
Why choose NEDAP products?
You can cut costs:

  • there is no travelling allowance for remote maintenance, 70% of the problems can be eliminated
  • significantly lower energy consumption compared to other brands
  • proven, reliable Dutch technology
  • the system is capable of recognizing and discreetly signalling bags and coats with metallic foil lining.
  • with the help of the EASiNet Information Service Center, up-to-date information can be obtained on the state of the system from all over the world, as well as useful sales and marketing reports in a spreadsheet or diagram format on the numbers of visitors and business volume
  • Store!D (RFID) technology combines product protection and product inventory solutions using a single RFID sticker instead of the barcode and product protective labels, decreasing the time required for stock-taking to 2%!!!
  • The CUBE integrated security platform combines product safety with access control, intrusion detection and camera surveillance systems, and also optimizes lighting that provides for cost saving as well.

Main application areas:

  • Supermarkets
  • Fashion stores
  • Shoe stores
  • Perfume and drug stores
  • DIY stores
  • Bookstores

The following retail chains have already chosen reliable NEDAP technology in Hungary:

  • Deichmann
  • Rossmann
  • ALDI
  • Tchibo
  • Desigual
  • Decathlon

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