The easiest, as well as the most economical and reliable solution to prevent fire, is installing an appropriate fire alarm system. Today’s modern smoke detectors are capable of signalling the combustion of even a few grams worth of material.
Modern fire alarm systems are able to indicate fire even in its early phase, providing valuable time for operating personnel to collect the necessary information. Extinguishing initial fires usually requires minimal intervention; simply a bottle of water, some sand, a blanket, a handheld extinguisher etc. is enough to eliminate the danger.
Modern smoke detectors can differentiate between smoke generated by normal operation and smoke caused by fire, so there are hardly any false alarms.
In contrast, the burning of a few kilograms worth of material is necessary to activate built-in water-based extinguishers, which means there is a serious fire when the first sprinkler head starts operating. Fire statistics show that flooding due to the water used to extinguish the fire often causes more damage than the fire itself. The sprinkler, therefore, does not substitute the early detection of fire, its task is to slow the spread of the fire and to cool the structures, enabling evacuation until the fire brigade arrives in case the fire could not be detected in time or the staff was unable to initially stop the fire in time.
The most precious values for a business is data, which is indispensable for their everyday activities. This could include financial data, inventory records, customer information, ongoing jobs, technological processes, recipes, etc. These are typically stored on computers and may cause significant business losses if destroyed. Data storage and processing generally take place in server rooms, where the risk of failure may be reduced by redundancy solutions. It is not enough, however, to monitor the fire risk with the help of an early-warning sensor, but the fire must be kept under control by using a built-in automatic gas extinguishing system.
Proper early detection of fire and automatic extinguishing with an appropriate extinguishing agent are essential for the security of your data.
It’s important to choose an extinguishing agent that is guaranteed not to cause damage to the equipment or endanger the health of your employees and which can be easily removed after the fire has been extinguished.
The design and installation tasks of highly sensible extinguishing control systems and automatic extinguishing systems require extensive professional knowledge and experience.
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