Most fire alarm systems are based on a cable network, but there could be exceptional cases where cabling is too expensive or impractical. These sites may include, for example, historical buildings, castles and hotel buildings with a running business. Cabling is also impractical or expensive in the case of temporarily installed systems for mobile exhibitions. The installation of radio-based solutions can be far more practical in these cases.

Tűzjelző Fireless - Pentolt Kft.

Many buildings require the post-installation of a fire alarm system, yet cables are unacceptable for aesthetic reasons or laying cables is costly or even not feasible due to local conditions.

For example, in case of an operating hotel, it is unacceptable from the perspective of the loss of business.

1. In collective mode, it can be adapted to any fire alarm system.

2. In addressable mode, it can be adapted to fire alarm systems using ZETA MKII and APOLLO XP95 protocols.

3. In stand-alone mode, it can be adapted to any fire alarm system by relay contact.

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