Pentolt Ltd. is also an exclusive distributor of the French SD³ fire alarm systems.
The SD³ Security Detection Direct Distribution was established in 2002, and is a member of the leading fire alarm system manufacturing group in France.

Members of this group: 

  • FARE: Sensor development and manufacturing
  • SEFI: Fire alarm centre development and manufacturing
  • DELTA ERRE: Development and manufacturing of power supplies and gas detectors
  • SESSY: SESSY: Emergency sound system development and manufacturing
  • SD³: Exporting products manufactured by the group, providing commercial and technical support to foreign partners
  • DEF (Detection France): The most prestigious company in France in fire protection system installation. The company carries out engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance-related tasks on products manufactured by group members.

Find out more about the company and products here: SD3 Gyártói oldal

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