Gas extinguishing systems

The early detection of fire and automatic extinguishing with appropriate extinguishing agent are essential for effective fire protection.
Choose an extinguishing agent that is guaranteed not to cause damage to the equipment or, endanger the health of your employees and can be easily removed after the fire has been extinguished.
The design and installation tasks of highly sensible extinguishing control systems and automatic extinguishing systems require extensive professional knowledge and experience.
Our company offers services for designing, installing and maintaining built-in automatic extinguishing systems that use FM200 gas and natural inert gases. These systems are most commonly used in server rooms, data centres, control centres and for electrical control equipment where even the smallest fire can cause great damage. The gases we use ensure that all fires are extinguished almost instantaneously without damaging valuable equipment or the building, provided the system is designed and implemented professionally. Water-based extinguishing systems are not suitable for areas with these functionalities.
The FIKE Corporation we represent is one of the largest companies in this professional field.
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