People Counting Systems

This Customer Counter solution is a smart video analyser using video streams captured by a high-resolution IP camera system. The system is suitable for use in commercial shops, schools, banks, entertainment venues, prisons, airports and other premises. It requires no major financial investment, bandwidth or IT support.
The system can function as a stand-alone intelligent monitoring equipment, or it can be used concurrently with image management software, depending on needs.
Reliable, cost-effective and flexible!
Accurate Customer Counting
The customer counter provides information through the installed cameras, either on an hourly, daily, monthly or annual basis. For simplicity, incoming informative data can be displayed in spreadsheet or diagram format. Results can also be directly exported to Microsoft Excel. To access an advanced information flow, the system must be connected to the Video Management Software.
Minimal installation requirements
Video analysis and feedback are provided through cameras rather than the central server which makes the video analysis much more effective. With a minimal IT background and support, the stand-alone solution is perfect for small and large camera systems.
Integration with video management software is incredibly easy to implement with the help of the open interface of the Customer Counter.
Main advantages

  • fully embedded application (running in the background) that requires no additional hardware investment
  • bi-directional customer counting
  • periodic built-in, comprehensive feedback
  • simple commissioning and configuration
  • easy to connect with video management software to achieve extra services


  • one license per camera
  • the license includes:
  • video analysis (bi-directional customer counting)
  • camera feedback (reports)
  • direct connection with the Video Management Software
  • software
  • general, professional and business versions

WEB interface

  • query-based internet
  • graphic display
  • secure login (password protection)
  • comparative queries for different periods
  • daily, monthly, annual averages
  • database with stored data of 3 previous years
  • extensive product support
  • customised to requirements
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