Security Video Systems (CCTV)

Modern facilities nowadays are unimaginable without video systems. Cameras monitor buildings for unauthorised intruders, vandalism, theft, and also to support occupational safety or simply for traffic management purposes.
Even the selection of the suitable camera is a challenging task, as in addition to the branded instruments with guaranteed quality, there are cheap devices in the portfolios of Far Eastern manufacturers that are perfectly suitable for the purpose.
Only colour cameras are used for indoor installation, typically in minidome design. In the case of outdoor installations, colour / black-and-white cameras ensuring separate day/night operational modes are used for practical reasons.
Images are captured with digital video recorders.
Images are continuously monitored either by a surveillance company with human security staff or by using content recognition software, following today’s trends. The images of the cameras are stored in digital image recorders for archiving without quality deterioration.

Biztonsági videó rendszerek (CCTV)