Vehicle fleet management and vehicle video systems

Our HI-TECH vehicle cameras and fleet management systems provide a solution for tracking vehicle fleets, monitoring their technical condition as well as for the safety-related video surveillance of vehicles and the secure storage of videos with real-time remote access.

Our product portfolio covers the full range of fleet and vehicle video surveillance tools:
High-resolution cameras specially designed for use on vehicles
Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVR)
Recording camera image and sound with remote access functionality;
Connecting to CMS (Central Monitoring System) via a built-in 3G/4G interface
The integrated GPS allows for the continuous tracking of the vehicle and recording its position and travel speed.
Continuous monitoring of vehicle technical data (e.g. fuel level, fuel consumption, running engine while stationary, door opening, collision detection) via the CAN bus interface
Establishing voice connection between the driver and the dispatcher
We provide all the necessary accessories (special cables, connectors, software, storage capacity and vehicle monitors)
The latest technology, short delivery time, comprehensive services

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