Vehicle fleet operators

We offer a comprehensive solution for vehicle fleet operators (buses, trains, trucks, vans, cars):
The dispatcher can monitor the vehicles with the following functionalities:

  • tracking vehicles on the map, subsequent retrieval of the route covered, alarming when the vehicle leaves the prescribed route, indication of unexpected stops etc.
  • continuous monitoring and storage of vehicle speed, indicating stationary vehicle with running engine, indicating door opening and closing.
  • continuous verification of fuel consumption, monitoring fuel levels.
  • collision detection.
  • continuous audio and video contact with the driver.
  • continuous, real-time monitoring with the help of special internal and external vehicle cameras, real-time video streaming and saving in compressed or loss-free format.

For video surveillance of vehicles:
We equip vehicles with special high-definition cameras and mobile digital video recorders (MDVR). The cameras monitor the vehicle’s external environment, its traffic position, passengers’ behaviour, the doors and the driver. A vehicle video monitor is installed on a well-visible place, where the driver can watch it easily and keep an eye on the camera images. The 3G/4G/WiFi modem and GPS antenna built into the MDVR can forward the vehicle’s route, speed, technical data (e.g. fuel, battery charging) and camera images to the dispatcher.
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