Intrusion detection systems

The purpose of intrusion detection systems is to protect human life and valuables against aggression, robbery, burglary or theft. These systems are almost always complemented with access control and closed-loop video systems, where their combined use ensures the most optimal protection.

The eyes and ears of the alarm systems can include a wide variety of sensors. Doors are equipped with opening-sensors and protected rooms with motion detectors. Object guards and attack detection devices can also be employed. Choosing the right sensor is a result of careful design work that also requires consultation with the object owner.

Pentolt Kft. typically prefers using Siemens and Honeywell Galaxy branded alarm systems. Siemens alarm systems can be fully integrated into the Siemens DESIGO Integrated Safety and Building Automation System and the Siwenoid Security Surveillance System. Galaxy alarm systems can be integrated into Honeywell Prowatch integrated monitoring systems as well as the Siwenoid systems.