About Us

Pentolt Ltd. is a specialist company in the field of fire protection and electronic processing security. We offer comprehensive solutions for complex fire- and property protection needs in public buildings and industrial facilities, as well as the ready-to- use installation of other low voltage networks on a professional, state-of- the-art level.

Based on our decades-long experience, expertise and engineering knowhow as well as the innovative products of the worldwide companies we represent, we always provide our
customers with real solutions at the highest possible technical level and impeccable quality.

We keep risks threatening human lives and livelihood under control with the help of our
systems and services which allow us to ensure the smooth business flow of our partners.
Our systems are responsible for protecting human lives and assets. With this in mind, we do our work responsibly, with the utmost care and precision.

Kinpán József

Owner, Director, műszaki igazgató

Szirovatka Károly

tulajdonos, kereskedelmi igazgató

Mátyás Iván

tulajdonos, ügyvezető igazgató

Seidl György

tulajdonos, projektvezető